City Strings at St. George's

Cynthia will be performing on Tuesday, October 9th, 2012 at St. George's Anglican Church on Pikes Peak Avenue in Colorado Springs.   City Strings presents an evening of string quartets by the Father of the Symphony...Franz Josept Haydn...also known as "Papa Haydn".   More information can be found at

“Wiener Wiesen” plus the famous Serenade from opus 3, no. 5, and selected movements from “The Razor” and “Sunrise” quartets.

In collaboration with the Denver Haydn Quartet Slam 2012-2013 (a community wide celebration of all 83 Haydn String Quartets in metro Denver and in Colorado), we will also perform the Serenade with Westminster High School Orchestra on Monday evening, October 15th.   

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