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Cynthia: Available to Buy

Castles, Cathedrals & Christmas

Smooth and relaxing violin, viola, piano, percussion, guitar and synth-pads can be enjoyed all year.   Cynthia performs Ave Maria (Bach-Gounod) with Bill Donaldson on classical guitar, plus the Largo movement from Corelli's Christmas Concerto, joined by Suzanna Schulze on cello and Joseph Head on string bass.  A moving rendition of Bonny Portmore will take you to old times in Ireland, and a pairing of two old hymns by Resinarius will help take your cares away, at least for a few minutes as you hear track number seven.   Two new arrangements and instrumental collections of Greensleeves and Parting Glass are also included, as well as Veni, Veni Emmanuel and Be Thou My Vision.   CD artwork design by Ken Weaver; photos were taken by Cynthia Lynn in England, of Salisbury Cathedral and Warwick Castle. 

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Cynthia & Friends play J.S. Bach

A Musical Offering featuring the late Lawrence Leighton Smith on piano, Leslie Smith on flute, Jennifer Yopp on Cello and Cynthia on violin.   The last track features Cynthia on violin with her parents on violin & piano for the second movement of the Bach double violin concerto (Largo ma non tanto).   

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Cynthia & Friends: The Music Box

Cynthia & Friends: The Music Box has 21 tracks of Celtic/Medieval/Folk instrumental music (violin, guitar, recorder, bass, drums, percussion, french horn, harp, accordion, bagpipes, oboe, hammered dulcimer, pipe organ, mandolin, bodhran, viola, cello, and piano) plus one more track:  my first composition, The Music Box, with beautiful vocals by Amy Sue Hardy.   You'll love the 72 minutes of 27 tunes.  You may also purchase cd's directly from me at any of my gigs/concerts/shows for $10 each.

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An Emerald Illusion - CD

An hour-long collection of five pieces for your enjoyment and relaxation.

Take a trip to the desert while you hear native american flute and drum in Sandstone Canyon; then, travel to a beautiful ancient forest with thick ferns growing at the base of towering trees, and maybe see a fairy or two in Emerald Illusion.

Move forward to a moonlit night in Medieval times, and then go to a place with Sapphire Skies and rolling waves.  Finish your meditation, yoga or massage session with a winding Labyrinth path, possibly along the Great Wall. 

Sound clips available on CD Baby; album downloads also available.

Our wish for you is Peace, Faith, Hope and Love.

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String Quartet

Classical, Baroque, Pop, Classic ROCK, Movie and Broadway Showtunes, Waltzes, Tangos, Celtic and Holiday tunes for your party, wedding or other special event.

Available for 1 - 3 hours.   Please call or text 719-651-1052 for pricing details and to check availability.

String Trio

Classical, Baroque, Classic ROCK, Tangos, Celtic, and Holiday music available for your special event.   Please call or text 719-651-1052 for details.

Also available is a trio consisting of Violin, Flute and Cello.

Violin Duo

Please select from the following options for entertainment at your special event; contact Cynthia at 719-651-1052 to book:

Violin and Cello, or

Violin and Guitar, or

Violin and Flute, or

Violin and Piano, or

Violin and Harp. 

Violin - (solo)

Classical, Popular, Movie/Show Tunes or Celtic and Medieval, or a combination of all these types.   Seasonal and sacred music, and strolling are also available.  

Please call or text 719-651-1052.


If you have a piano at your house or at the venue where your event is being held, Cynthia will play two hours of music to entertain your guests during your reception, dinner or party. 

Please contact her at 719-651-1052.

Thank you for visiting !

Violin, Cello, Piano Trio

If you have a piano available at your venue, we will provide up to three hours of a large variety of music for your listening pleasure.   For an additional charge, we can bring a high-end portable keyboard if you do not have an acoustic piano available.  

Please contact Cynthia at 719-651-1052 or

Violin, Hammered Dulcimer & Recorder/Oboe

Celtic and Medieval favorites to entertain and soothe you during your wedding, reception, dinner or party.   Listen to "Torranto" and "Green Slives" in MUSIC to hear samples.   Call or text 719-651-1052 to book this group for your special event.